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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tree Survey?

A tree condition survey is a comprehensive assessment of trees within a specific area, usually defined by the boundary of a site. A typical tree survey is conducted to gather information about health, condition, species, and most importantly any potential risks they may pose. A tree survey may also be undertaken for the purposes of planning and development (BS5837), that may be a requirement for a local planning authority. Additional details (such as root protection areas) are recorded when surveying for planning, as the main purpose is to protect tree roots during, and after the construction phase of development.

Why would I need a Tree Survey?

Tree surveys are essential for various purposes, including planning and development, assessing the risk of subsidence, or simply ensuring your trees are safe. They help identify dangerous trees, assess potential hazards, and inform decision-making processes. Any land owner has a 'Duty of Care' that states they must make sure that their trees are in a safe condition to mitigate any risk to a third party. Our tree surveys help you follow that Duty of Care to ensure your trees are safe.

How long does it take to complete a Tree Survey?

The duration of a tree survey depends on two main factors; the size of the area to be surveyed, and the number of trees to be assessed. On average tree surveys will take no longer than one day. We write our reports using the information gained on site, and generally send completed reports to clients within 3 days of the site visit. We'll provide you with an estimated timeline once we understand more about the the scope of your survey.

How much does a Tree Survey cost?

The cost of a tree survey varies depending on multiple factors, such as the size of the site, the number of trees, and most importantly the type of tree survey being undertaken. We have created a tool that allows you to get a rough price range for the survey you require, which can be found here.

Why Choose JF Tree Services?!

We take great pride in knowing we provide straightforward, expert advice for our clients. We have a meticulous yet simplistic approach to tree surveying - we have a wealth of arboricultural knowledge that is put in simple terms that is easy to understand. We are fully insured with Professional Indemnity Insurance, as well as Public Liability Insurance. Out team members are fully qualified and stay up to date with the latest standards of our industry. We price competitively, so reach out now for your free same day quotation!

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